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Earn money without working, that's dream of many people and maybe partly economy trial in the future era of robots. Anyway, now people have to work to earn for good living. Employees earn money by exchanging their time they spend by working for a manager and his company. If they want to earn more money, them must spend more time in their job which is possible only within certain limits - time is limited. On the contrary, manager uses asymmetry in his favor - his income is not dependant to time spent by working, but by effectiveness of his decisions. Making the right decisions is something you can learn by experience from own or others bad decisions. In real life, this learning strategy is very expensive, fortunately, today's world offers us opportunities to learn it very cheap, moreover with fun - online by playing business games. Simulate your manager skills in various business fields to achieve best grow of your companies. Try to not be only a founder or ordinary manager, became a tycoon! Read more.

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