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Few days ago, the new Farming simulator 19 got released and a lot of people still wonder, how can anyone play it? Farming Simulator is weird kind of game that nobody took seriously in the begining. Youtube videos from the early days looked more like Grand Theft Tractor, than peaceful taking care of the crops. As time went by tough, more and more players found it really entertaining (and stress relieving) for what the game is supposed to be – farming simulation.

To be honest, for a while we did not see the fun or relaxation in neither, until we tried. And guess what! Riding our tractor across our fields, planting seeds, harvesting and feeding our animals is way more relaxing, than shooting and crouching in a muddy trench with weapon, or anything else competetive.

That is the reason, why so many players love virtual farming now, and also, why we now have Farming Simulator 19 – the 12th release in the series. The series reaches back to year 2008, when the first game was released. There is a ton of new stuff this time. Mainly the addition of John Deer machinery, that was highly expected by the players. Especially in the european market. Also there are two new maps and possibility to breed and ride horses!

However there are ton of other farming games. Just remember the legendary Farmville that ruled facebook gaming for quite some time. The second installment of this game is still up and running on facebook, googleplay and appstore. You can also find many different clones of this game there.

If you happen to be one of the farming-addicts, you can also find some browser farming games, like for example The Farmer 3D, which is basically a browser version of classic Farming Simulator. You can do almost everything you know from this classic title, just in smaller form. Needless to say, it is also really entertaining if you are on the go and want to enjoy a little farming while on break in job, school or on the way in bus on your phone. Only sad thing about our love for farming games is lack of farming games for browsers, but hopefully we will get more of such games in the future. tough there is a couple of farming games that you can find under our tag farm games.