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Collect keys, defeat enemies, and unlock portals to progress through three maze-like worlds in Hollow Fly. Use power-ups and your sonar beam to survive!

Embark on a challenging journey in Hollow Fly, an action-adventure game where you must collect all the keys in each level to open the portal and reach the next world. But beware—dangerous enemies and hazards lurk around every corner, determined to stop you from reaching the light.

Navigate through three maze-like worlds filled with threats, and use your powerful sonar beam to defeat enemies blocking your path. Power-ups scattered throughout the levels can boost your speed, firepower, and health, but be careful—losing a life means losing all your hard-earned power-ups too.

Will you conquer the mazes, find all the keys, and reach the light, or will the enemies and hazards prove too much to handle? Test your skills and reflexes in this intense, labyrinthine adventure!

Key Features of Hollow Fly

  • Action-adventure gameplay with maze-like levels
  • Collect all the keys to open the portal and advance
  • Defeat enemies using your powerful sonar beam
  • Discover and use power-ups for speed, firepower, and health
  • Three distinct, maze-like worlds filled with hazards and enemies
  • Lose a life, and you lose all your power-ups too

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on May 11, 2024

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