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Fire war is a 2D action platform game where a player controls a human soldier in the environment of enemy robots. All the robots were initially product of humanity, anyway some things went wrong as usual...

Robots got an opinion that humans are the source of evil and must be destroyed. To prevent this from happening, our soldier comes into the scene!

Control the soldier either in story or endless mode and destroy all bots ane helicopters you meet. Destroy them before being killed! Get your weapon and be ready! Have fun!

Game features

  • Endless Mode :
    • 30+ mission
    • 15 Level / From Easy to Hardcore
    • Can Backup 3 Weapons and Change to Default
    • Can set 4 cards to use
    • Get New Reward every time Finish 3 mission
    • Multiplayer Support play and make Highscore
  • Story mode
    • + 3 Levels
    • + Meet New Enemys

How to Unlock Some Weapons & Cards?

You Can Unlock them with Coins or Upgrade Solider To Requimented Level or Higher

How Can Preview Weapons?

You Can Choose any Weapon to Preview from Weapons Shop

How use Cards?

Every Card Has info to know Use for in Cards Shop.

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Feb 15, 2023

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