Black Stallion Cabaret

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Black Stallion Cabaret

Black Stallion Cabaret is a action logic puzzle game where you take care of a safety of an armored train moving through various cities in the landscape full of danger coming from enemy dragons. If you ask whta's the cargo, it's charming dancers that go to entertain people throughthrough the country.

Play the puzzle in the main mode of the game where by merging and clicking various items you can improve protection of the train as well as quality of the dance shows. The battles themselves are automatic.

Collect coins, details and improve your train to not let the dragons defeat you and get your cargo. Have fun!

Game features

  • Merge items and increase their level.
  • The higher the level of an item, the more points it gives while using it.
  • Items are used for improving weapons, dancers and the workshop. Double click on an item to use it.
  • Defeat the monster squads to move to the next town.
  • Get carriage parts in the town and level up your train. The number of parts depends on the level of dancers.
  • The level of the workshop influence the maximum level of crafted items and the size of the warehouse.

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Jul 3, 2022

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