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Who’s GameTornado ?

GameTornado is Slovakia based game developer Peter. He started with flash games and moved to mobile games market with the come of smartphones.

Where can I find games developed by GameTornado?

GameTornado operates own website with full portfolio of its developed games at address In addiction to the website, gameTORNADO mobile games may be also found on App Store and Google Play store. Selected web based games are then available on PacoGames and other gaming websites.

What are the main characteristics of GameTORNADO games?

All games developed by GameTORNADO belong into a 2D action category. There are greater differences in a genre and topic of games from the GameTornado production, from harmless driving games for kids up to brutal bloody games.

What are the most popular games produced by GameTornado?

The most popular title is Short life game, which is a game in Happy Wheels style. Short life is currently available in 2 sequels with related games Shot ride and Lucky Life and Parkour jump.

Next popular title is game series of Rex games from various cities around the world.