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Free online games

FOG stands for Free Online Games. Despite the general name, there is real developer behind games with this brand - a gaming website available also in shorter form

Free Online games developed by FOG have all properties of free online games:

  • The games are free to play
  • The games are playable online, right in a browser. No download and installation required

Free online games for kids

Most games developed by FOG are nonviolent casual games with cars, there games are suitable for all age genres including kids.


  • Web browser - play free online games on PC
  • Android - play free online games in your mobile

Unblocked free online games

Free online games developed by FOG website are hosted on many domains, PacoGames website is only one of many who provides these games. If you have found these games on your device on PacoGames, try search for individual games on Google and find some other website hosting the game, ideally the website of the developer himself - You can also try play android version of your favourite game in you mobile device.