mouse = move

esc = game menu

n = start new game

w = shoot mass

t = split

g = double space

s = stop movement

a = attack range

i = split indicator onoff

l = auto zoom onoff

v = spectate teammate

1 ... 5 = zoom levels

f = showhide pellets

b = reset border

enter = chat

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Do you still remember a .io games legend called As time goes on, games are evolving, and the game is a perfect example. It is improved version of the original in all directions. Concept of the game is still the same, but gameplay has slightly changed. You can do much more now. There are now several options how to outplay your opponents, and the game is more exciting than has ever been. Game mechanics are easy to learn, and fun part of the game is still present. There is no point of further waiting, you better start playing. Have fun.

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