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on is a gaming platform that allows publish and play all types of free web-based games. All these games can be played right in a modern browser without need of any installation.

PacoGames works with a model similar to YouTube - it connects users demand for playing free games and a need of game developers to simply, cheaply and effectively get players for their games and monetize them. Revenue for game developers come from in-game ads and in-game purchases.

Open free data for informational purposes

PacoGames has been built by several enthusiasts on values such as friendliness, safety, freedom and transparency. With years of experience in the gaming industry, we have gathered a wealth of data and experience that we are willing to share with game developers, journalists, bloggers, researchers, students and other people who consider our data, opinions, advices and interviews to be potentially enriching content for their work, articles and posts.

Do you need any data, opinion, advice or interview related a gaming business and especially the market of browser games? Feel free to contact me at

PacoGames Media kit

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