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If you search for a billion dollar game, you will find the legendary Grand Theft Auto (GTA) games or huge events like the super bowl. This post will be about neither of them, or even about anything existing. It will be about a game I am going to create. This game however, will not be created for money, but for people.

Purpose of the game

Educate. People learn many subjects in a school, but the most important one - the knowledge of money - is often missing. Despite, this knowledge belongs between the most important attributes which decide what life people live.

The game will not be a learning tool, it will be something like a business simulator focused on money management. On background, it will simulate events on basis of which people will learn and understand the principles of money.

The Game (brief overview)

The game will be based mainly on major money-related events from the past - from the Ancient Greece up to the recent time. Although, it will be about money, if we accept that money = power, and power is the thing defining the image of the world, playing the game should bring also interesting thoughts for thinking.

The game story will start around year 700 b.c., 2,700 years back from today. Going back so far is very important. It was the time, when money met the characteristics of real money. Also it was time of wars via which Rulers were building huge empires which, of course, required owning huge wealth for paying big armies. In that time, money were in a form of coins embossed from a metal. If a Ruler owned an area with supplies of such metal, he could "print" as much money as he needed and with help of them expand his empire quite easily. However, the problem did occur, when such ruler lost an access to these cheap money needed for paying an army. The value of money in the time were supported by the metal they were created from. The only way to "print more money out of thin air" was to mix the initial metal with some additional metal. Such money devaluation was visible by eyes and logically, people started to prefer coins from pure metal for holding which resulted in decreasing amount of coins from pure metal in the circulation. Moreover, because of the "need" to print more and more money to finance wars for getting more power, such devaluation was swelling to ever larger dimensions. At the end of all, the inevitable came - people stopped believe in value of coins from so much contaminated metal which resulted in a collapse of whole empire.

This was a story of extinction of ancient Greek, later, similar story from Roma or any of the next tens of attempts to create a huge world empire with single currency - all ended without success, and the worst, all the collapses of these attempts usually stole life savings of all common people living in the empire. The principle was usually same, only the method of execution was different.

They say, history repeats itself. From here, understanding the history may be the key to do better decisions in the future. By playing the game, a player will have to realize and adjust his gaming strategy for diversification. It does not matter that something is more or less convenient in current time, when in any minute, a player can lose everything. See financial reforms made from Friday to Monday (when banks were closed) which made all the money held by people at home worthless. The onset of communism which stole people their fields, forests and other properties. All the bubbles in which people invested only due to FOMO (fear of missing out) effect without being sure about the value of the thing they invested in. Of course, they lost all their investments. All the pyramid schemes with easy money, all the perfect opportunities to buy anything, the calls "money are cheap, take a loan and buy it"...

The point why this all is still happening over and over again - poor people losing all their hard earned money in favor of the rich who become even richer - it is because common un-experienced people will easily succumb to prospect of bright tomorrow, and invest without any knowledge to things they do not understand.

Playing the game will give them an opportunity to get an experience with many situations they can meet in real life. Usually, even when something looks like a lifetime opportunity which "will never repeat again", often, the opposite is true. At the end of the gameplay, a player should be more resistant to losing money in similar schemas which happened in history, happening now and will be happening forever. However, what is better yet, by understanding the history, the player can instead of losing money from investing in wrong time to wrong assets, think, study, customize strategy and get a profit.

In addiction to the game story based on events from the past, there will also be an additional game layer of lateral money knowledge explaining especially the power of investing - displaying clearly why everyone should invest long term, valuable, ideally with compound interest. Discovering this world may do big difference in the way people perceive time and money. Rightly selected investment strategy brings additional money which may be transformed to more time for doing anything - free time activities, donation to good purposes or earlier retirement without any financial limitations.

Game structure

  • The game story will be divided to various parts related to a certain periods in history. Every period will be ended by major money-related event of the time.
  • The game will not require playing from period one. A player can play any time periods he wants.
  • Ideally, a player will start every next period with property received by playing previous periods (if the player played them).
  • All periods will be released gradually one by one - as they will be developed.
  • Game development will start from period 1 starting in year around 700 b.c.
  • The game will be open for adding new events and adjusting current ones.
  • There will be different opportunities to invest, earn and lose money in every period. The evaluation will be done at the end of every period.


  • The game will be 2D, in business simulator games style
  • created in HTML5, playable natively on web - on pc as well as on the phone.
  • Powered by GameArter services - advanced game player with many features, saving progress on server, achievements for good decisions, connection with GRT coin (shared gaming currency) and many new features which can improve the experience from playing it.

Issues to deal with

  • Finding ideal format of the game.
  • Need to study big amount of material to make the game relevant to certain time periods.
  • Solving the problem of investments by holding which in long term has not been possible to lose money.

Players should get by playing the game:

  • Much fun and a lot thoughts to think about.
  • Knowledge about the revolutionary of money.
  • The problem of uncovered money.
  • Bigger resistance to investing into things with "guaranteed" income.
  • Investments to own education are the best investments.
  • Being prepared to situations in which they can lose all their funds from day to day.
  • Learn about various ways of appreciation of money. From investments to assets, stocks, common tools like investments accounts in banks or pension insurance. The user also should be able to compare various investments directly in the game and discover awesome things like compound interest and that every percentage of The annual percentage yield (APY) really matter in a long time. However, not every investment with high APY is safe.
  • The dependency of interest on the loan and property prices. What looks cheap at the first sight can be more expensive that what looks expensive in the beginning.
  • Some additional knowledge about successful people and their business. This will be focused especially for America which has history full of the most prominent citizens like Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J. P. Morgan, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs and others.

Explanation of the clickbait title

Billion dollar game? Depends on a point of view. If in revenues for its creator? Then definitely not. If in a sum of money which people will be able to save / earn after playing the game? Then hopefully so - from here - the billion dollar game? If you are interested in the game, start follow twitter @BillionDollarGame.

Why I decided to create it

I found the magic of doing things beneficial for people. On daily basis I do small things that cost me usually few seconds of my time. However with that as I get older, I have still higher need to do more than only the common things - I have a taste to make something bigger. When I was thinking what is the most valuable in a human life, I came to the conclusion, that at the top, the thing immediately after people close to you, should be probably mindset and knowledge. This is something what is not possible to buy with any money on the world - it is something everyone must personally desire. Knowledge about money was selected simply because money are something what everyone care and what has the highest range and chance to change something. Getting such knowledge by common ways is usually boring, so only very small percentage of people is interested in this. In a form of game, it will be more fun. People just do not learn or study, they are getting the needed experience by playing. They can do any bad decisions without any fear and consequences to their real life. Thanks to the game, people should start be more resistant to losing their funds from their mistakes.

About me

I am Vladimir Nepor, co-founder at PacoGames and GameArter. Graduated mechanical engineer, an enthusiastic programmer and beginning, inexperienced investor. Single young guy with a taste to do useful things. Living in the Czech Republic.

When it will be available for playing?

I have a personal goal to launch 1 game period + first tools designed as a part of the additional game layer by the end of 2019. So long development period is caused mostly by the fact that the game will be developed in my very limited free time. If someone would have taste to accelerate the development by own participation, I will be very glad if such person would contact me via the mentioned Twitter account. The Twitter is also a way for posting me ideas and feedback.

Thank you for reading it. If you like the idea to create such game, share it with people you think they could be interested in.

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