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Pokemon GO Online

Pokemon GO has become a new cultural phenomenon and we are here with its online browser version! PokeMania is real, everyone is tagging themselves on social medias in the streets trying to catch their first Pokemon. Begin your Pokemon GO Online journey right in front of your house and do not be afraid to step into a patch of tall grass. Check all dark places, malls, parks, lakes, rivers, caves, beaches, graveyards and many other places. Even though your location affects the Pokemon you can catch, you can find these pocket monsters almost everywhere! Guidelines for this are pretty simple: Fire and Rock types are far more likely to appear in arid climates, Grass and Bug types will be mostly found in grassland areas, and Psychic and Water types can be usually spotted on the coast. So go hunt right now! Tell your friends to play this game too and compare your results with each other who caught more Pokemons, where did you find them and how many Pokemons you need to complete your PokeDex! Join the Pokemon GO hype train and be one of those successful trainers. And once you catch enough of pokemons, you can fight with them! Have fun.

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