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Trains and railroads - really unbelievable amount of fans of this phenomenon worldwide are spending their free time by this hobby.
They are having fun with all things that are connected with locomotives or railroads.
Have you ever desired to enjoy this hobby from the comfort of your home in the electronic version?
Now, this dream can finally come true.
In browser game Rail Nation, you have unique opportunity to establish your own railroad company, so you can spend your time with things you truly enjoy.
The game copies real time events as trains and locomotives have been developing during the history.
Since all those hated history lessons in elementary school, we all know that the very first trains were steam ones.
We have year 2015, but the game simulates whole technological progress, so your railroad company begins with primitive steam trains and innovations must be revealed through inventions first.
Do a little recap of those events.
With the development of the railroads from the early 19th century, steam locomotives gradually broke into the transport of goods and people.
We built more than 250,000 of those around the world.
Because the usage of coal was too high and inefficient, their service was very dusty and demanding on human labor and preparation before every ride.
Since the second half of the 20th century, they were gradually replaced by diesel or electric engines, and today they are used exclusively sightseeing tours.
Steam-engines, diesel and also electric locomotives are available for you, so even the most demanding railfan will get what he is looking for.
Real-time supply and demand is one of the key gaming mechanics of this game, in other words, price of a particular goods is based on current supplies of all players on the server.
Join an alliance and fight together for the glory against other opponents.
Enjoy this spectacular game.
Have fun.

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